Is Hypocrisy Evident In Your Life?

12 Jan

Mt. 23:28 says, “Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity.”

In this passage of Scripture, Jesus was condemning the religious leaders for their hypocrisy. No matter who you are or how long you’ve been a believer, hypocrisy can easily creep in causing us to play the game instead of being genuine. We need to realistically examine ourselves to see if we are falling into the trap of hypocrisy. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. There Is Hypocrisy In All Of Our Lives

J.R. Graves, a Baptist preacher from the 19th century once said, “It is easy to hate our enemies and to speak evil and bitter things of those who have injured us, but it is not the spirit of the meek Jesus; it is not an evidence of a renewed and sanctified heart.”

Typically what we dislike the most in others is evident in our own lives. I think of my own kids when I say this. I’m realizing more and more that loving patience is needed when I deal with them rather than with a harsh tone.

2. Every Secret Sin Of A Christian Will Be Dealt With At The Judgment Seat Of Christ

Ps. 90:8 says, “Thou hast set our iniquities before thee, our secret sins in the light of thy countenance.” You might as well nip it in the bud right now or stand ashamed before the Lord Jesus Christ. Wrong motives, bad habits, ungodly lust and dirty thoughts will be brought to light at his appearing.

3. Having A Good Reputation Doesn’t Mean You Have Character

The religious leaders were well received by the people, but Jesus saw them for who they really were.

A couple of years ago, this article appeared in Sports Illustrated:

“Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel, who resigned under pressure on May 20, once wrote a book, The Winner’s Manual, that espoused character and the moral high ground. “Discipline is what you do when no one else is looking,” Tressel wrote. Yet Tressel failed to report to school officials that his players traded memorabilia for cash. And when those rule breaches went public, he lied, saying he knew nothing about them. Now a Sports Illustrated story alleges that the misconduct by Ohio State’s players was more widespread than previously believed. Tressel was a winning coach-he finished 106-22 at Ohio State-who seemingly possessed great discipline. But he failed to heed his own words while covering up the missteps that cost him his job. Tressel might as well have written a manual on hypocrisy.” ​

4. It’s Easy To Be A Hypocrite

The word hypocrite means, “play actor.” It means one that can put on a good show. Oh how great a lot of us are at that. We carry our Bibles to church, put on our Sunday best, fellowship with the brethren and think everything is all right. However, the problem is that we have fooled ourselves the most by thinking that everything is all right between us and the Lord.

5. Wisdom Is Needed To Avoid Hypocrisy In Your Life

Jam. 3:17 says, “But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.” Take a good look at this list. Do all of these characteristics describe you? If not, die to self and ask the Lord to give you wisdom to walk without hypocrisy.

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