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Self-Examination: Is Your Christianity Performance-Based Or A Relationship With God?

Here is the 10 question self-examination test. Here we go.

1. Are you living your life as a duty rather than a privilege?

2. Do you feel a sense of accomplishment or earning God’s favor after doing something right?

3. Do you compare yourself to how other Christians are doing?

4. Outside of your designated time of prayer, do you go through the rest of the day without talking to the Lord?

5. Do you feel God loves you less when you backslide as a Christian?

6. Is it hard for you to say “no” when people expect you to do something?

7. Are you doing the right things with the wrong motivation?

8. Faithfulness is important to you, but do you fret or worry when you don’t see immediate results?

9. Do you sometimes question if praising God is a productive use of your time when you have others things to do?

10. Is knowing about God and the facts of the Bible more important to you than knowing God?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, than you have a performance-based mentality of your Christian life. You are not alone. If most people were honest, they would make the same conclusion about themselves. Dear reader, let me encourage you to reevaluate your thinking back to New Testament Christianity. You know what it is, enjoying the wonderful relationship with God.

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