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Can Your Wednesday Service Be As Big As Your Sunday Morning Service?

Last year my father-in-law, pastor of Lyford Bible Baptist Church, made a dramatic change to his church. He switched the children’s Sunday school to the Wednesday evening service. This meant more people were available to teach a class and surprisingly more children were picked up from the van routes. Why do I think it worked? It’s because our culture is changing. Sadly, because of the busyness of people’s lives and kids from divorced homes going back and forth from one parent to another, Sunday morning it seems to me is getting harder to reach the young generation. Wednesday seems to be a better time to reach this group of people because more kids are going to be at home. 

Just recently, Friendship Baptist Church started a children’s ministry (teens included) called Cross Trainers. In the past four weeks, we have grown in number. Amazingly our Wednesday night service has equaled our Sunday morning crowd. This has revived some of our people who weren’t doing much to have the opportunity to feel involved by helping out in our Wednesday evening service. Christians who were coming to one service a week are now coming to two services a week. I realize this idea may not work for your church, but I hope this blog post has helped you out in some way. 

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