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04 Mar
  • The best commentary on the Bible is the Bible.

    • When you come to a passage of Scripture that doesn’t make sense, look at what it says before and after to get the context.

    • When you come to a word or a phrase that you don’t understand, look in other parts of the Bible to see how it is used to understand it’s meaning.

  • Commentaries are the work of men.

    • They are fallible sharing their thoughts on the Bible, yet containing much wisdom from well-studied writers.

  • Usually those who despise commentaries have no sort of acquaintance with them.

  • Start with the Bible first, then pull out a commentary. You don’t want a prejudice going into your Bible study.

  • Commentaries will help keep you from wild interpretations.

  • Every commentary will have something different to say on a passage of Scripture.

  • There are so many commentaries to choose from. It is very helpful to have a trustworthy commentary to turn to when a passage does not seem clear. Down below in no particular order, I have included seven recommendations.

Independent Baptist Commentary (Understanding the Bible) by Dr. David Sorenson

I am a pastor and this is the first commentary I pull out to help me prepare a message or study the Bible. It is reliable, goes into the text, straight to the point, and sound doctrinally. This eleven-volume set can be purchased by calling 218-726-0209 or go to

Matthew Henry’s Commentary

Written by a Presbyterian pastor, this commentary is best used in your devotions. Be careful of his allegorical interpretation of prophecy and his Protestant universal church belief, but it would be a great use to your library.

The Wiersbe Bible Commentary (Be Series) by Warren W. Wiersbe

Rich exposition and relevant applications makes this a very practical, helpful commentary.

Thru The Bible by Dr. J. Vernon McGee

This five-volume commentary set is very affordable.

The John Phillips Commentary Series

Conservative, dispensational, and a favorite of many Christians. This series covers every book of the New Testament and seventeen books of the Old Testament.

H.A. Ironside Commentaries

His commentaries cover some of the Old Testament books and almost the entire New Testament. Enjoyable to read, doctrinally sound and filled with good illustrations.

Treasures From Scripture Bible Series by Dr. Rod Mattoon

Dr. Mattoon is an independent Baptist pastor who has written several books of the Bible in expository sermon form. I highly recommend getting your hands on these books. You can order online by going to 

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